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Getting viral on social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc is never been easy, any user who wants to get Facebook fan pages. Apental app is not available on Google Play store because of Facebook Inc. terms and conditions, don,t feel unsafe using this app because it’s a complete safe, secure and free app to use. Facebook Auto like Apk, as the name suggest that its auto like, but actually it’s not like that, we have to do some stuff initially and then it will starts to work automatically as I have mention it in the how to work portion.Facebook auto liker (Apentalcalc) app apk was initially not know to be a good App, but after making some changes the App become very famous among the Facebook users. If you’re a regular user of Facebook App and you want to gets likes on your statuses and on your Profile or cover pictures, then I recommend you to use Apental app. You will notice after using the Facebook Auto Liker App apk that you are getting popular among you friends and family members on Facebook.
Check out this video to know how Apental app works and how you will get likes, i have shown the step by step process of getting likes using app in this video

When it comes to Facebook then the key factor that worries users is the security and privacy of the their Facebook account, you may also be well aware of hackers out there who try to hack Facebook accounts by making fake pages and now a days they are using Android apps which help users to get likes, comments, auto posting etc, once users install these apps and use these apps by providing the username and password of their Facebook account then, they save these on their database and use this data to get into your account. Now, what if you want to get likes for your pictures, posts and fan page likes, in a secure way, and want to secure your privacy and security, then I,ll personally recommend you Facebook Auto Liker (Apental calc.) app apk for getting Facebook like. I have personally use this app and also lots of my friends have use this app for getting likes, but till now we are not facing any perkara of hacking or virus in the APK. I tried lots of sites for virus free APK of Apental calc. auto liker and after trying lots of sites I got a virus free working APK and now I,m using this on my Android, I thought that you may feel perkara getting the working and virus free APK of Fb Auto Liker, so I have provided the working and virus free APK of Apental auto liker Calc. on the bottom of the post.
Want to promote and advertise your products to people out there then, now a days social media’s like Facbook, twitter, LinkedIn etc are the best places to promote, so to promote on any product on Facebook then the best way is having a Facebook Fan Pages, but if you don,t have like on your FB fan page then it has no advantage, so want to get likes on your FB fan page then you should try Apental Facbook auto Liker Calc. App Apk and get unlimited likes and promote your products to Facebook users around the world.
What You Will Have After Installing Apental Calc. APK:

  • Get free likes on your own Facebook pictures. 
  • Get free likes on your friends and family photos. 
  • Get free likes on any Facebook user you know. 
  • Very users friendly app and interface is very pretty and awesome. 
  • Apental Calc. is totally free to use. No in-app purchases or any ads. 

How to use Apental auto liker APK on your Android:

  • First of all download the APK of Apetal Facebook Auto Liker Apk and install it on your Android Mobile. 
  • Start Apental auto liker App. 
  • Starting the app will initiate facebook and you will start to see images. 
  • You will see the images as you see photos in your Facebook App. 
  • If the user has shared the picture publicly and anyone can like the photo, then the notification button at the end the picture will be green. 
  • If the button is green, then it’s a good news. 
  • Click the green button and you will start getting Likes on any image within one or two minutes. 

So, want to become famous on Facbook by getting a huge number of likes on your Facebook pictures then, simply follow the download link provided at the bottom and download Apental calc. Apk for your android and install it on your device.
ApentalCalc app is a safe free and secure way of getting Facebook likes in a free simple and smooth way, that helps user to get likes on their own picture, pictures of their friend and even on any person having a publicly shared picture.
App Name:
Apental Calc. (ApentalCalc)

App Genre: Tools
App Offered By: Apental
APK Size: 3.20 MB
App Mode: Online
System requirements:

  • Android 2.1 And UP 
Download Apental Apk Here

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