Download Urban Biker 5.07 Offline

Download Urban Biker 5.07 Offline – Record your rides, runs or hikes with a single button click. It’s super-easy, yet powerful! Ready for more? Explore the plethora of features and settings!

Simple. Accurate. Powerful. Battery-saving. Private. Smart. This app has it all.

🎯 Accuracy

β˜… Wireless sensors – supports many standard Bluetooth LE and ANT+ sensors.
β˜… Barometric altitude πŸ” – barometer sensor is used for supreme altitude accuracy.
β˜… Power meter πŸ”₯ – the most accurate power and energy meter in industry.
β˜… Auto pausing ⏯ – can discard all pauses, much like the classic wheel-sensored cycle computer.
β˜… Cockpit πŸ’Ί – shows accurate distance, duration, altitude, ascent, descent, power, climb power, energy, efficacy, heart rate, cadence, vertical speed, acceleration, pace, pressure, temperature, odometer… more than 65 statistics in total!

⚑ Efficiency

β˜… Free πŸ†“ – full set of features, no restrictions.
β˜… Battery-saving πŸ”‹ – enjoy day-long activities knowing that the battery will last.
β˜… Offline friendly πŸ“΄ – Internet is needed for features like online maps, but is not required.
β˜… Profiles – quickly switch the profile e.g. from Bike to Run without stopping the recording.
β˜… Easy resume – resume any past ride, doesn’t matter if you stopped for an hour or a day.

πŸ›‘ Security

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β˜… Bike light πŸ”¦ – flashing bike light, turned off automatically when put in a pocket.
β˜… Bicycle bell πŸ”” – automatic ring when braking, or manually by touching or shaking the device.
β˜… Moving sounds πŸ“£ – great for silent bikes that startle pedestrians.
β˜… Maximum privacy – recorded tracks are stored to device only, also location of your home, workplace, and other private places can be hidden easily.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ Science underneath

β˜… AI algorithms πŸ€– – machine learning and robust statistics is utilized for data processing.
β˜… Number crunching πŸ”’ – more than 65 statistics computed for every ride in sub-second resolution, raw data available in CSV format.
β˜… Physical consistency πŸ“ – maximum speed cannot possibly be smaller than average speed, and metrics shouldn’t spike without the cause.
β˜… Mathematical consistency πŸ“ˆ – problems of decimal rounding, finite precision, or round-off errors are all handled very carefully for top-notch accuracy.

πŸ‘ Share your activities

β˜… Strava
β˜… Google Fit
β˜… Facebook

βœ… Since urban bikers usually use more than one means of transport, the application can be equally well used for:

β˜† Road biking 🚲 (racing, training, touring, commuting), mountain biking 🚡 (uphill, downhill), e-biking πŸ”Œ
β˜† Running πŸƒ, walking 🚢, hiking πŸŽ’, roller skating
β˜† Car driving πŸš™, motorcycle riding 🏍
β˜† Skiing, snowboarding πŸ‚
β˜† Flying πŸ›«
β˜† Sailing β›΅

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Application is designed to be used on handlebars, armband, dashboard, but also in a pocket or a bag.
πŸ†• New “Average Active Power” statistic. When doing a strenuous workout, this will basically be your FTP (Functional Threshold Power).
βœ… Improved zero-speed detection
🐞 Other improvements and fixes

🐞 Fixed some overdraws on main screen, which helps reduce battery usage (esp. when map is displayed)
πŸ’¬ Added Azerbaijani language (thanks Δ°smΙ™t!)
βœ… Updated libraries
βœ… Misc.

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APK Version:Β  5.07

Requires OS: Android 4.2+

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