Exclusive : Add Extra Features to WhatsApp using WhatsAppX

Exclusive : Add Extra Features to WhatsApp using WhatsAppX

Exclusive : Add Extra Features to WhatsApp using WhatsAppX 1

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1- ROOT required.
2- Download and instll Xposed Installer on your device.
Download Xposed Installer : http://adf.ly/1WetFq
3- Download and install WhatsAppX from Xposed Instller.
Download WhatsAppX : http://adf.ly/1Weu8s


WhatsAppX is my attempt in improving your Whatsapp experience.
This includes the following functions:

1. Per Contact Wallpaper
Personalize your chats by applying individual wallpapers to each of your contacts.

2. Lock Contacts
Lock selected chats with pin-protection

3. Hide Message Preview
Hide the message preview displayed on the main screen of whatsapp (also for selected contacts)

4. Save Favorites
Add important messages to WhatsAppX so you dont have to scroll through your whole chat history

5. Set Reminder
Remind yourself to answer a contact

6. Highlight contacts
Highlight a contact in the chat overview

7. Call over cell instead of Whatsapp-call

8. QuickReply option from notifications

All those Features integrate seamlessly into WhatsApp and can be personalized up to a certain degree.

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